3D Curvy Fence



Curvy Welded fence is a security and attractive fence with beautiful appearance, and it is ideal for residential area and entertainment venues.
Curvy welded fence can also be called 3D fencing. It is mostly made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Firstly, the workers weld the wires into panel, and then adopt bending machine to bend the wires on the short side of the rectangular shape, so the V-shaped curves are produced. It is important to note that the quantity of V-shaped curve depends on the height of welded wire panel. This uses the principle of triangle stability to provide additional strength and rigidity for the panel. In addition curvy fence panel can be installed on flat areas or slopes, and it can also be applied in a variety of different land types such as general land surface or sand. With stable, durable and flexible structure.


Material: Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire
Feature: corrosion-resisting,durable,withstanding outdoor exposure
Special processes: electro galvanized,hot dipped galvanized, plastic-soaked
Road and Transit ( Highway, Railway, Road, City Transit )                                                          Science Industry Zone ( Industry Zone, Sightseeing Zone, New pattern farm )                    Private grounds ( Courtyard, Villa )                                                                                          Public grounds ( Park, Zoo, Train or Bus Station, Lawn )                                                        Commercial grounds ( Corporation, Hotel, Supermarket )                                                           We can also customize to your requirements.


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